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Whether you live in a small, one-bedroom flat or a large home in Central London, there’s only one company to call when it comes to getting everything clean – CleanNGone!. Cleaning means different things for different people; if you are someone who always likes to have things neat and tidy and sparkling, then you probably give the problem of cleaning your place more thought than someone who is satisfied with a quick vacuum and a wipe of the counters. But whatever your personal definition of clean might be, having someone else do the job for you can be a revelation. Just imagine all the time you sped tidying and cleaning each week freed up for other, more pleasant activities. When you call us on 08000 757 800, that’s what you will receive, along with the peace of mind that your home – or office – will be a safe, clean environment for everyone in it.

We offer cleaning services on a on-off or a contractual basis. You can have us in for a deep spring clean, a clean-up after a party, or every week or so to keep you from falling behind in the housework. We can provide office cleaning services on the same basis, or you could hire us for a specialty service, of which we offer many. Consider having us do the carpets once in a while or the entire space between tenancies. Post-remodeling cleaning is a fantastic service to get you back on your feet, or you could take advantage of upholstery or curtain cleaning at great rates to make sure that no stone is unturned. Call us now for a free quote for your Central London cleaning needs.

While some people will tell you that Central London is indefinable – that it is merely central and everyone knows where it is – others would point you to the London Plan, which is a planning document used to allocate funds and resources from the mayor’s office. The London Plan has had a few incarnations, but its current one includes five sub-regions – South, West, North, East and Central. The Central region is the smallest of the five on a map of Greater London, but it is perhaps the most important area when considering economic and population factors.

According to the London Plan, Central London is made up of seven boroughs: the City of London, Camden, Kensington and Chelsea, Islington, Southwark, Lambeth and Westminster. From 2008 to 2011 the designation was a bit different, as there was no central region and places in the city centre – the City of London, for example, where dispersed throughout the five sub-regions (which were then West, North, North East, South West and South East).

Central London today, regardless of whether you consider the boundaries of the London Plan, is an area that is known for its high property values and high population density, especially during the day. This is true of most of the world’s economic capitals – that many people commute into the city centre during working hours, but live in the suburbs – and is certainly the case here. Many large companies, organisations and banks, for example, are headquartered in and around Central London, not to mention all the government institutions housed in the area.

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Central London is unique to other parts of the capital city in that it houses the Royal Palaces, the Law Courts, government headquarters and Parliament. Many of the buildings housing these institutions are themselves major tourist attractions, but Central London also includes a number of other famous locales that draw crowds. If you live in Central London, then consider yourself lucky enough to be among the country’s elite, as not everyone can afford to live in close proximity to the Tate Gallery, the National Gallery, and the University of London. Let’s not forget the British Museum, the national opera and ballet and, of course, the rows and rows of high-end shops that draw people from all over the world.

If you live in Central London, however, you are probably familiar with a few of its problems, namely traffic and transportation issues. These issues arise during the day when thousands if not millions of workers are pouring into the city from all over Greater London and beyond to go to work. Since the population is much larger during the day, these same people all need to travel back out again at the end of the workday, which can make traveling on public transport during peak times a bit unpleasant.
But Central London is home to Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, both of which can offer city dwellers a respite from the intensity of London life. These green spaces can transport you from bustling city streets full of pedestrians, buses and cars to a serene parkland as soon as you step inside; it’s no wonder that the neighbourhoods around them are some of the most sought-after in the city.

Whether you live on a quiet lane that doesn’t see much automobile traffic or a few floors up in a high-rise co-op, you are sure to have noticed that it seems like you can’t get the “city” out of your home. Dust and grime are facts of life in any bustling metropolis, so wiping the shelves and dusting the windowsills might need to happen a bit more frequently in your home. Just think that whatever dirt you see settled on the side table has probably also settled into the sofa and the carpet. While it is impossible to keep your home completely germ-free, CleanNGone is your best bet when it comes to getting it as clean as possible. To find out more about our specific services or to speak with someone about your free quote, call us now on 08000 757 800. You can forget about spending your weekends scrubbing and dusting and go back to enjoying life in busy, bustling London. There’s so much to see in Central London, now get out and enjoy it!.

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  • I first used Clean N Gone to do a house clean for me when I had broken my leg. They were so cheap and so good that I kept them on even when I had recovered. Their prices are affordable and they are...
    Dawn Davis
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    Emily Skinner
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  • I am very particular about who I hire for furniture cleaning because I have a number of priceless antiques around the house that I have spent years collecting. It's a labour of love and nothing but...
    Chloe C.
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    Charles P.
  • I must admit that I am very impressed with the way in which Clean N Gone have managed to help me, year in, year out, with the spring cleaning. I used to do it all myself, but it's a bit of a hassle...
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  • My mother got really ill a while back so I took time off work to help look after her. It was like a full time job in itself and I couldn't manage the house work as well on top of that so I called...

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